Changing your workout routine is a must when preparing for athletics.  Far too often we do the same thing over and over and eventually the body gets use to the demands placed on it.  The body stops adapting and plateaus.  I hear this often from athletes, sports coaches, trying to run the weight program for the team.  I consider the body the greatest machine known to man and we have to understand the it needs to be challenged often.

Imagine this if I took 1 advil everyday and it was to help take care of a headache I had over time that 1 pill would not have an effect anymore.   I would need to take more or a higher dose to accomplish the same results.   This also goes for lifting weights or training.  If I do bench press everyday or 3x a week for a whole year eventually my body would adapt and that bench press would have little effect on me.  

So what do I need to do to get the most out of each workout.  First thing I need is to have a system in place that can be broken down over a 6 month period or a 1 year plan.  After that I need to break it down into 4-6 week cycles.  The program should change about this often.  The change that you add to the program could be different rep scheme, tempo of lifting, exercises, frequency of lifting etc… There could be a whole host of different things that go into changing your workout routine.  

As long as you keep your programs progressing in a way to improve your performance, then you can not go wrong.  Once you start to hit that plateau or your workouts start to feel stale, then start the next workout routine.  

Let me know your routine and how you like to break down your workouts so we can discuss how the program is going for you.  

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