This certification educates you step-by-step on how to teach “Game Speed” to your athletes or teams to compete like pro’s and win those championships!
You can have the quickest and most agile athletes during practice. If it doesn’t translate into game time then it doesn’t matter!

Why C.A.S. Works

Most coaches rely purely on speed drills. They fail in their strategic thinking around exactly how it applies in a real-world, game situation. Remember, we need to prepare our athletes to perform well on the field during competition.

The C.A.S. goes beyond just teaching common speed drills to your athletes. It reveals the exact step-by-step process you need to guarantee your athletes improve their “Game Speed” plus how to apply it on any field or court to dominate and win!

Each content-rich module includes powerful tips and techniques, such as:
  • Fast, simple warm-up drills preparing athletes’ bodies for the demands of practice or competition at any level.
  • Correct arm positioning and how to break it down so your athletes run properly with ever-improving speeds.
  • The “Wall Drill” to teach proper body lean on the acceleration phase.
  • How to get an athlete to stay “low” at the beginning of their acceleration.
  • Different starting positions when teaching acceleration.
  • 2 alternative positions to use when stopping or decelerating.
  • Critical key factors when looking to re-accelerate.
  • Optimal cone drills to improve “COD”.
  • Games to enhance athlete’s ability to understand the A.D.R. system.

…..and SO much more!

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