There are many types of workout training style being used today. The big one right now that everyone has a kick on is the Cross Fit style. About 15 years ago it was Tae Bo and you could probably think of others. There are so many types of training styles and some of the styles have lasted the test of time. Such as circuit training, Super sets, Negatives etc… All of these are good styles and play a role in a well rounded person or athlete.

Now I have used most of those types of training methods in my past with myself and also with my athletes, but there is one that I am finding fits what we as humans need more of. That is the explosive style. Why is the explosion style so important with humans of today? Because of our movement and how fast or quick something changes in time. For example all athletic sports require some type of explosion in the movement. For a basketball player it could be a dunk, a running back in football when he burst explosively through the hole. Even a golfer needs explosion and that come on the swing of the club on a drive. It you think about what sport you play or what kind of athletes we train we need to be explosive.

Even so-called non-athletes require some type of explosion skills at some point of there life. For example a person who has to catch a train that they are late for they explode to get to the train in the hopes that it has not left. Another example would be to pick up the phone when someone calls you. We have to have an explosive element to our training.

If you are a coach or an athlete who has a training plan in place look over it and see if it has some explosion exercises. If we want our athletes to compete then we need to train them the proper way. Explosive exercises can be a big part of you or your athlete making gains. Make sure to check out some of my other blog posts with video examples of explosive exercises.

All training type have benefits as long as they are performed correctly. But training athletes for the past 13 years I have seen a shift in what an athlete needs to be succesful and that is EXPLOSION and DECELERATION exercises.  Go to the Coach Brix homepage and if you have not already done so sign-up for the 5 FREE exercises and see some of the Explosion/Deceleration exercise we utilize.

So much more will be discussed on Explosion and Deceleration training.  So make sure you check back often.

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Comment back on what style that you utilize to make yourself or your athletes better.