Variation of Workouts

This is a big key to growing and getting bigger.  You have to think of how a body works.  If I Bench Press 95lbs for months on end without increasing the weight, how much progress do you think I would make?  Not much, after time my body would adjust.  If I started to take supplements (which I will discuss in a future post) after time the effects of that supplement wears off and does not work as well.  So I need to do 2 things; take more or change up the supplement.

So if I want to grow bigger and get stronger then I need to change the variation of my workout so it does not become stale and my progress comes does not come to a halt.  The time frame on program changes varies but usually every 4-6 weeks is when the body adapts and needs something new.  

So the change can be number of sets, reps, negatives, holds, etc… Any number of changes can help with the growth process.  For anyone serious about their weight workout, a new workout is like a kid on Christmas Day.  All fired up and ready to hit it hard so change up your workout every 4-6 weeks.  

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