In life many take the “road” that is easiest.  The “road” traveled less is usually difficult and filled with pitfalls.  No where is it written that life should be an easy path.  It does take a special and determined individual to choose that barely worn path.


Apply all this to high school, college and professional athletics.  The norm is to push you to “party” and do those things which are immoral and in many case illegal.  Some of these activities can be harmless while so many can ruin your life.  I’m sure that many of us have read how this athlete or that athlete threw away his chance of playing pro football because of being caught doing something he was not suppose to do such as underage drinking which he did because others were doing it.  That seems to be the road Most traveled.


If you truly want to make something of yourself, take a different path.  It won’t be easy as you “swim against the tide” but doing what is “right” and not what is popular will bring you rewards which will be yours for your lifetime.  Stand out from the crowd and be an honest individual who has integrity.  You will be respected even by those who many not like your approach.  


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