I struggled with life, like most of us do at some point. On this specific day I finally realized it was time to take matters into my own hands.

I had been working 4 jobs at once to pay for my recently purchased townhouse. Life was a struggle at this point and I was getting 2-3 hours of sleep a night but I knew in the end it would be all worth it if I just kept working. There was a problem with that idea and it was after a year I was still not getting ahead. I was working for the so called “man” making them more money then I was taking home. It was truly bad in the winter time because there were days of not turning heat on in my house because I could not afford it.

Then it finally happened. I was watching the AFC championship game on my T.V. (that did not have cable) so thank God the game was televised on a major network. While sitting there with my winter coat, hat, gloves and 2 pair of socks on watching a game in MY house I finally had enough. I woke up from the GRIND of everyday life and said there had to be more out there than working for someone else. I got out my paper and wrote down what I wanted in life: Here are the top 8 things:

1: Be my own Boss

2: Be a leader for the youth in the area

3: Love what I do while working no matter the pay

4: Never stop improving

5: Never stop learning

6: Handing out Tough Love

7: Dictate my own schedule

8: Enjoy life because it is so short

These 8 simple ideas I wrote down changed my life. Now it was not overnight that my life changed but it had me thinking about doing things differently. It made me think how can I work smarter and still financially support myself. All I ever knew was to WORK.  So to stop working at least 1 out of the 4 jobs was much harder than I thought. But everyday I would read over those 8 points and eventually I developed enough courage to stop one of the jobs than 2 etc….. It changed my life by working smarter and I developed a greater passion for work and life.

I also took away something from those 2-3 years of working 4 jobs. With Hard Work you can accomplish anything. I was the first one out of my brothers to purchase a house, my 2 older brothers rented before eventually buying their own.   I was also the first in my family to start a business. That story is for another blog.

I truly believe with Hard Work anything is possible. You can accomplish anything you want in life as long as you are willing to sacrifice and establish goals. Do not and I mean this, do not let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. The only thing you can not do is what you tell yourself. Stay positive and upbeat. Work your butt off and you can accomplish great things.

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Remember that “Greatness Never Rests”