The fitness/sports enhancement profession is at a weird place right now.  Too many people trying to come up with the next crazy exercise.  The one that looks cool and neat so we can impress our clients, friends, colleagues.  When you really get down to it the basic fundamentals of lifting is what will get you through to add muscle and make you an all around better athlete.  Now I am not saying you should not do different exercises besides the Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Clean etc… but let’s look at the foundation of gaining weight for athletics.  What does your body need to grow?   It needs fuel (food/nutrition) and the muscles need to be stressed.  Place stress on the muscles means you need to work them and sometimes work them hard to get the results you need.  Stressing the muscle to break them down so when they repair themselves they can and will grow, is what is needed.  So if you are looking to pack on muscle and are going into the gym and doing 10-12 reps and the weight is not challenging you, you are probably just wasting your time.   If you want to gain weight then stop with all the crazy exercises and get back to the basics of heavy lifting.  I did not gain my weight till my junior/senior year of college when I finally woke up and realized that I was not lifting heavy enough anymore and I certainly was not eating enough (But that is for another post).  So bottom line is if you are looking to add pounds to your body then stop with the SOFT A$$ weight and put some challenging weight on the bar.

Be on the look out for a bunch of new clinics we will be offering this fall.  Stuff for athletes, parents, and coaches.  Fall schedule to be released soon.

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