Why, in this day in age when we have some much available do we not utilize our resources.  Let me give you an example.  I was speaking the other day with a coach of a youth team.  I emailed him about 1 of his players and what he felt he needed to work on to improve.  The coaches response back was he did not have enough information on the player since the player had only been on the team for a couple of training sessions.  Which is totally understandable, but the next part of the comment is what blows my mind.  He said that none of his players are supposed to do anything outside of his soccer practices.  He does tons of fitness with them and that is all they need.  After reading the email the only thing I could do was shake my head.  First when did he become an expert in the realm of the human body?  He is a soccer coach with no background on how the body works and functions.  Second if we learned to work together Coaches, trainers, doctors etc… we could do a much better job of improving the athletes performance.


Far to long now, too many coaches and trainers want to do everything, and they think they are the only ones correct.  If we just would come together and become educated on what we are doing to the youth maybe, just maybe we could see less athletes sitting on the sideline and more dominating at the sport they love.  We need to work together and become self educated or the only people we are letting down are the ones who look up to us the most.

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