What is sportsmanship and does it exist? After watching the super bowl over a week ago all the way till the end many might think it does not. Seeing a bunch of grown men punching and fighting just does not make a lot of sense. I can value that neither team likes to lose. Losing is tough, but it is part of life. Now going around and starting a fight because your team is about to lose is just down right childish. This is not needed in sports especially one that is watched as much as the super bowl. You have kids who look up to these guys. I will never know why but many kids do. We need to demand they act better or stop supporting them by going to the games, buying their jerseys etc….. We are responsible for ourselves so if we want change to happen around us them we need to change . We need to get back to setting a fine example to the youth that sportsmanship is still a very important part of sports.


“Greatness Never Rests”