This is something I hear from people very frequently.  Dave your gym looks like something from Rocky IV.  Why don’t you have mirror or TV’s?  The answer I give everyone is you are hear to accomplish a goal.  A goal fo improving your health and performance.  If you want to go to those gyms that have mirrors all over the wall and TV’s everywhere then you are more than welcome to go.  If you are looking for a place that will push you and make you work to improve your performance then EXSP is the place to be.

There is nothing wrong with the gyms with all the mirrors and fancy equipment, but I need to ask you what is your goal?  Do you want to watch TV while you workout?  Do you want to look at yourself while you are working out?  If you do then great.  Go to those gyms and do your thing.  If you are looking to put the work in and be challenged then you need to focus on your workout.  Not watching TV between sets.  There is nothing fancy about EXSP.  I tell the clients that you are here to accomplish your goals of improving your performance and health.  To accomplish that you don’t need all that fancy equipment.  The only equipment you need is yourself.  Learn how to move your body the correct way and it can keep you strong and healthy for a very long time.

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