Lifting soft A$$ weight just does not cut it when it comes to getting bigger.  I know Nutrition, Sleep which I spoke about in a past blog is very important in growing bigger, but also lifting heavy has to go along with that.  You need to break down the muscle so it can be built back up with sleep and nutrition.  That is why lifting soft weight will not do that for you.  If you can do a 300lb squat with ease and you do 225 lb for 15 reps for 6-8 weeks do not expect to get bigger.  You need to push yourself and your body in order to grow.  When I put most of my size on my Junior/Senior years in college and the few years after, I lifted some heavy weight.  I remember dead lifting over 700lbs and squatting over 600lb.  That was the time i grew the most.  I ate and slept like a champ and lifted like an animal.  If you are serious about putting that size on then put down those sissy weights and start lifting BIG.

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