I personally hate failing at anything in life, but there is one place I would rather fail than to not push myself and that is the weight room.  I did not start lifting weights till I hit college.  I was extremely weak for a college age person.  I remember only being able to bench press 95lbs.  I was SOFT!  That is when things changed I started to set goals for myself, I did not want to be this weak, scrawny person anymore.  This is also the time that I failed the most.  I remember setting goals for my bench, squat, clean, box jump etc… Some of the times I reach those goals in my time allotted but many times I failed.  I set goals that would have been difficult to achieve but I wanted to push myself to be better than ever before.

I believe in today’s society we fear failure.  Now I hate failing at anything I do, but I also understand that if you learn something from those failures then you can grow and accomplish many great things.  When I failed in the weight room I pushed myself to work harder and smarter.  I eventually reached many of my goals and now that I am older I have set different goals for myself.  Some I have reached so I continue to set new ones others I have not yet reached so I continue to strive to reach them.  But I am a failure who will not let that stop me from reaching my goals.  Because If I stop being a failure in the weight room than I have stopped pushing myself to unleash my potential.   There is no way I want to stop unleashing my potential.  

Let me know what you have failed at in life.  Maybe it is a job interview, a state championship, hitting your max on the Deadlift.   Whatever it may be let me know so I can help you overcome those failures.

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