For many of us nagging injuries become a part of life. We experience low back pain, foot pain, neck tightness etc… I could go on and on.  It seems that more of us deal with pain.  The question I have for you is why?  Why do you deal with and tolerate pain.  I understand that our bodies are not always going to feel 100% but many of us should not be feeling like crap each and every day.  What can we do about it.  There are many things we can and should do and the first one is get up and MOVE!

We have become a society that likes to sit or lay around not doing enough physical movement.  Our bodies like to be in motion that is usually when they are functioning at their best.  So we need to move more to feel better.  

The next thing we need to do is basic maintenance on the body.  Many of us do maintenance on our cars but we take almost no time doing the maintenance on ourselves.  What maintenance can we do?  First move, like I mentioned before, then stretch and rollout.  Stretching is great for the body as long as we do it once we are warmed up.  So get up and move then stretch.  Another great technique is rolling out.  This has become more commonplace in fitness centers, physical therapy studio etc… It is where you take a roller and you move your body over it targeting certain areas to help loosen the muscles.  If you have not done this before it can be painful at first but in the long run makes a world of difference.

The final thing I want you to focus on is strength/balance training.  How many elderly people do you know who have fallen and never recover from that fall.  They are put in a nursing home and they never get out.  They waste away till nothing is left.  This is not how we as human were meant to be.  We were meant to live a life of movement.  Now I am not saying that if we are 80 years old we should move like we are 20 but we should be able to accomplish basic everyday task with relative ease.  If we took time everyday to focus on our balance and stretching we could be so much more productive in life. All it would take is 10-20 minutes.  I know we all have 20 minutes in a day, so there should be no excuses.  These 20 minutes each day could give us a great deal of mobility and stability later in life.

Let me know what you think?  Would love to hear from each one of you about what you can do to help make your body more productive and reliable.  

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