Speed is something all athletes want to have. There are still people out there that say you are either born with it or you are not. Most of us by now should know this is not true. I believe that we can work on our speed to improve it just like we can work on anything in our life to make it better. We just need the right direction or tools to help us improve.

Here are just a few ways that I get my athletes to improve their speed: Fundamentals are the key.

1.) The first fundamental all athletes need is PROPER RUNNING MECHANICS. So many athletes do not know how to run correctly and they do more harm than good to themselves.

2.) Work on improving your hip mobility and stability. Over the decades we as people have become tighter and tighter as a society. For us to improve our speed we need to work on becoming more flexible in the hip region and also stronger in that region as well.

3.) Develop strength in your legs. Many athletes want to improve their speed, but they do not take the time to develop strength in their leg muscles. Most athletes I know tell me they rather run instead of strength train their legs.. They hate working legs because it is hard. You need to develop better leg power and strength especially around the hip area if you are going to improve your speed.

Work on these three areas and you will see an improvement in your ability to increase your speed. Remember this is just the basics. Get these three things down and then move on to more complex drills etc..

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