There is a question I get asked a lot.  How can I build massive strength?  I usually return this question with a question.  How much time, intensity and dedication are you willing to put in to achieve your goals?  Most respond that they are willing to do whatever it takes.  That is usually the first step in achieving strength you need to have the right attitude.  Now I know that a person can say one thing and do the exact opposite, so then it is time to test to see if they do have those characteristics.  I then ask the athlete to meet me at a real early time such as 4 or 4:30am for their first workout.  If they pause or hesitate then I know they do not really want it.  If they say yes and then show up early not on time then I know they are dedicated to the process.  

Once we get the mental part out of the way, we then focus on building the physical strength of the athlete.  We do that by giving them certain exercises with heavy weight.  We change the reps and sets up all the time.  My process is that strength is built with lower reps and heavy weight.  We still need to focus on how much stress we place on the body.  So if we are doing squats we might do 75% of our max squatting down with a 3 count and holding at the bottom for 2 seconds before returning back up.  I do give my athletes a certain rep but it is based on the notion of placing the body under a certain amount of stress so their body can adapt and become stronger.  I am not trying to give them the notion that 1-3 reps builds strength, 3-7 builds strength/hypertrophy, 8-12 hypertrophy etc…..  I want them to understand that working as hard as you can while placing stress on your body you can received the results you are looking for.

So in conclusion two things that are important in gaining massive strength.  Number one the right mind set.  Number two the amount of stress that is placed on the body.  It is not just a number of sets and reps that makes you get stronger.

Let me know your thoughts?

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