Do these 3 things to become a best on the field


  1. Stop being SOFT!!!!  This is a simple yet complex statement.  We need to first break down what I think soft is.  Softness is:



~Not putting 100% effort into everything you do

~Making excuses when you mess up

~Not playing through minor pain

~Not excepting fault for anything always putting the blame on someone else.  

All of these things will keep you away from being a beast.  No great player in history could do these things and be considered a beast.  The simple part is you fix these things and you can become a beast.  The complex part is admitting you do these things.  Most people I deal with do not think they whin, complain or do any of the above.  So admitting you do one or multiple things can help you on the road to becoming a beast.
2. Strength, Speed and Explosion (physical attributes)

   If you do not posses these it will be hard to dominate on the field.  You need to work to make yourself better as an athlete if you want to prove yourself.   The great thing about these is that you can improve each and everyone of them.  You can hit the gym and get a program designed to help improve these physical attributes.  With the right mindset you could be well on your way to becoming a beast.

  1. Coachability

One of the forgotten traits of an athlete.  How coachable are you?  Most young athletes of today do not listen to what their coach has to say. Players think they know it all and do not need the coach to get better.  There are a couple of things that go into be a coachable athlete:

~Attitude-maybe the most important trait to be coachable.  If you have a crap attitude than chances are coaching you will be tough.

~Sponge-soaking up as much information as possible.  Listen to what your coaches have to say.  Take all the information in and process it.  

~100% effort- I watch many high school, and youth sports contest.  One thing that would drive me insane as a coach is someone who does not give 100% effort every time.  THis is one thing that everyone has a level playing field for.  You don’t have to be the biggest or fastest to give 100% effort.  All you have to do is give it your all.  

These are just 3 things that can change you into a beast on the field.  Do not think for a second that just because someone looks big that they are a beast.  These attribute especially not being SOFT can go a long way to shaping yourself into a better athlete maybe even a beast.

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