I believe that this question is one that is not asked enough.  We assign a number to how many times we are suppose to lift a weight a weight.  While I believe that it makes program design a little easier is it truly doing what it says?  For example the thought is that 1-3 reps is for pure strength gains, 4-8 strength and size, 8-10 for size and above 10 for endurance.  Does the human body truly understand this?  I would say NO.  I believe your body only understands time under tension.  So the amount of stress that is placed upon it the body reacts and adapts to what is happening to it.  So if my max is 225lb on the squat and I do 5 sets of 1 rep at 135lb am I building strength?  Now I know most in the profession would say I would not have my athletes do 1 rep at 135lb, but if you are not assigning percentages it could happen. I happen to believe that we get caught up with numbers so much and while I do assign reps and sets to my athletes as well.  I believe that we would be better off with stressing the body by understanding the load that is being placed upon it.


Would love to hear others opinion on this and your thoughts?
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