There is a saying “Do what you do best and let the others do the rest”  This saying could not be more true than in the sports world especially at the high school level.  Being a strength and speed coach my responsibility is to enhance an individual or team’s success by improving these qualities.  Just like a head coach of a team is suppose to enhance each athlete’s skill set for that particular sport.  Then why do so many coaches try to be the head coach, strength and speed coach, water boy and so on.  I know what most will say we have no money, and I use to lift 20 years ago so I know what to do.  While you might think they are valid points you are doing a disservice to the members of your team.  Lifting 20 years ago does not translate to what you should be doing now!  Science changes all the time and the way to train an athlete does also .  Most coaches never did speed work but they say they do speed training.  How can you teach an athlete how to run or move properly if you were never taught it yourself.  I really think we need to change the thought process when it comes to helping athletes improve their physical well being.  It is time to obtain the resources to help you and your athletes excel.  It is time to do what you do best and that is coach your sport and bring on other people who know the other parts of making a great athlete.  If not, then you are not helping the members of your team and that is a problem.
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