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Are you tired of the same boring speed drills?

Are you fed up with not knowing where to start when putting together your speed sessions?

Do you run till you puke and call it speed work?

Are you confused with all the different information, misinformation, fake news, guru’s in the strength and conditioning industry?

Do you struggle with putting together the correct repetitions, sets, and rest needed to get the most out of each workout?


The Coach Brix Online Speed Nation was designed for coaches and athletes who are looking for advice, guidance, and a finished program that will help get you moving in the right direction. Athletes are extremely busy – you have school, practice, homework and life. And for the Coaches, you have work, family time, and much more! The last thing you need to come up with is some type of speed program that will maximize your results the CORRECT WAY!

I have been working with athletes and teams for 15+ years and have developed the Accelertaion, Deceleration and Re-acceleration system. These are based off the principles of the “Game Speed” movement. These programs are not quick speed workouts designed to make you sweat and feel exhausted by running you into the ground. That kind of programing is called conditioning, not speed training. There is a major difference. Most coaches and athletes do conditioning workouts NOT speed.

I want to help you get the right balance of training volume, frequency, rest etc…. You do not need to spend 1-2 hours on improving your speed everyday. I want to help you do it right.

What Is Included In This Program?


Every week you will receive TWO NEW WORKOUTS built around the sound principles of The A.D.R. System. These workouts will help you improve your speed, power and explosion based off the acceleration, deceleration, and re-acceleration that are the principles of “Game Speed”.


Each week the workouts will change and will be broken down into the following:


Warm Up


Movement Prep


Main Workout


Cool Down (Stretching)

Coach Dave Brixius, Founder


Once per month, we will have a 15 minute call via Zoom to connect and answer questions.

I have been working with teams and athletes for 15+ years and see how many athletes, and coaches are doing speed training wrong. I want to help as many people as possible unleash their potential.

My system is based on observation, knowledge and networking with other professionals in the industry. I am also a coach who still does speed work on a regular basis.

Overview of Program


Complete Programming

No need to guess how many reps/sets you should do.

Dual Workouts

2 workouts that will help progress you in the right direction.

Monthly 15 Minute Call on Zoom


Flexible Schedule

The only thing that you should schedule is at least 2 days off between the speed workouts.

Set Times On Your Terms

Programs should be completed in 40-55minutes.

Training Videos

Remove the guesswork. You will receive training videos so you will always being doing the drills properly.

Cancel membership at any time

No Questions Asked.

ONLY $49.00 Per Month