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Athletes will be given activities to build teamwork and leadership qualities that will help them not only in sports but life.

The Coach Brix Athletic Performance Institute was developed to help athletes of all ages, sizes, and performance ability gain the knowledge, instruction and exercises to help them improve their overall athletic ability.

Competitive athletes of all ages want to get better in their sport or sports. That is why they continue to play and try to master their craft. They will go to practices with the team, attend and participate in as many games as possible to better themselves. Most will go to the team’s off-season workouts run by their head coach.

The problem is most are not being taught the correct way to move their body or how to strengthen it the correct way or what to do to help mitigate injuries. Most of these competitive athletes do not understand the basic foundation of movement.

That is where the Coach Brix Athletic Performance Institute comes into play. For the past 15 years we have studied athletes movement and have based our institute on these founding principles.

Coming Soon: Female Training Program

For all female athletes ages 8 -17. We will have two programs broken down by age groups to help our female athletes improve their running mechanics, enhance top end velocity, aid in game speed and reaction situations, and much more!



Having athletes gain a better understanding of how to properly move the body when competing in their sport.


Body Positioning

Develop with each athlete I train the foundation to have their bodies always in the correct position so movement on the field can be easier.


Mobility & Flexibility

Having the athletes understand what joints must be mobile and what joints must be flexible is key to getting the athletes to move better and also help them mitigate injuries.


Strength & Power

Building upon an athlete’s strength will help to improve the athlete’s physical capabilities.  The Power component we teach is applying force as quickly as possible.  For example Jumping, throwing, accelerating, etc.



When teaching speed with our athletes we break down different components such as mechanics, acceleration, top end, deceleration and reacceleration.


This program is for athletes ages 7-11. The focus of this program is to enhance the overall athletic ability of each child focusing on body movement and control, improved movement preparation and much more!

We will be scheduling dates soon! Keep an eye out for more information!

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  • Body Coordination and control
  • Improved Movement Preparation
  • Increase in Movement of an athletes acceleration, deceleration and re-acceleration (A.D.R.) system
  • Improving Running Mechanics
  • Enhancing ones Top End Velocity
  • Helping to develop a sound strength program to build an athlete’s ability to enhance their athletic ability.
  • Game speed and reaction situations

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